Form GST REG-01 is an application for Registration under Section 19(1) of Goods and Services Tax Act, 20

Instruction for filling Application for New Registration


Constitution of Business Person who can digitally sign the application
Proprietorship Proprietor
Partnership Managing / Authorized Partners
Hindu Undivided Family Karta
Private Limited Company Managing / Whole-time Directors and Key Managerial Persons
Public Limited Company Managing / Whole-time Directors and Key Managerial Person
Society/ Club/ Trust/ AOP Members of Managing Committee
Government Department Person In charge
Public Sector Undertaking Managing / Whole-time Director and Key Managerial Person
Unlimited Company Managing/ Whole-time Director and Key Managerial Person
Limited Liability Partnership Designated Partners
Local Authority Chief Executive Officer ( CEO) or Equivalent
Statutory Body Chief Executive Officer ( CEO) or Equivalent
Foreign Company Authorized Person in India
Foreign Limited Liability Partnership Authorized Person in India
Others Person In charge


Type of Applicant Digital Signature required
Private Limited Company, Public Limited Company, Public Sector Undertaking, Unlimited Company, Limited Liability Partnership,  Foreign Company, Foreign Limited Liability Partnership Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
Other than above Digital Signature Certificate eSignature or as may be notified
  1. Enter Name of taxpayer as recorded on PAN of the Business. In case of Proprietorship concern, enter name of proprietor at Legal Name and mention PAN of the proprietor. PAN shall be verified with Income Tax database.
  2. Provide Email Id and Mobile Number of primary authorized signatory for verification and future communication which will be verified through One Time Passwords to be sent separately, before filling up Part-B of the application.
  3. Applicant need to upload scanned copy of the declaration signed by the Proprietor/all Partners/Karta/Managing Directors and whole time Director/Members of Managing Committee of Associations/Board of Trustees etc. in case the business declares a person as Authorised Signatory.
  4. Following person can digitally sign application for New Registration:-
  5. Information in respect of Authorized Representative is optional. Please select your Authorized representative from the list as provided under Tax Return Preparer (TRP).
  6. State specific information are relevant for the concerned State only. 14
  7. Application filed by undermentioned persons shall be signed digitally:-
  8. All information related to PAN, Aadhaar, DIN, CIN shall be online validated by the system and Acknowledgement Receipt Number will be generated after successful validation of all the filled information.
  9. Status of the online filed Application can be tracked on the Common Portal.
  10. No fee is payable for filing application for registration.
  11. Authorised signatory should not be a minor.
  12. Any person having multiple business verticals within a State, requiring a separate registration for any of its business verticals under sub-section (2) of section 19 shall need to apply in respect of each of the verticals subject to the following conditions: Such person has more than one business vertical as defined under sub-section (18) of section 2 of the Act.
  13. A registered taxable person eligible to obtain separate registration for business verticals may file separate application in FORM GST REG-1 in respect of each such vertical.
  14. After approval of application Registration Certificate shall be made available indicating all additional places of business for the principal place of business and separate registration certificate for every declared additional place of business indicating the address of that place besides address of principal place of business. Such certificate shall be made available to the applicant on the Common Portal.
  15. The certificate of registration shall be effective from the date on which the person becomes liable to registration where the application for registration has been submitted within 30 days from such date. In case application for registration is filled after 30 days, certificate of registration shall be effective from the date of registration.

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