Aluminoidal Substances, Modified Starches, Glues, Enzymes

Chapter Chapter Name Nil 5% 12% 18% 28%
starches; glues;
- - -
All goods
1. Casein, caseinates
and other casein
derivatives; casein
glues [3501]
2. Albumins (including
concentrates of two
or more whey
proteins, containing
by weight more than
80% whey proteins,
calculated on the dry
matter), albuminates
and other albumin
derivatives [3502].
3. Gelatin (including
gelatin in rectangular
(including square)
sheets, whether or not
surface-worked or
coloured) and gelatin
derivatives; isinglass;
other glues of animal
origin, excluding
casein glues of
heading 3501 [3503]
4. Peptones and their
derivatives; other
protein substances
and their derivatives,
not elsewhere
specified or included;
hide powder, whether
or not chromed;
including Isolated
soya protein [3504]
5. Dextrins and other
modified starches
(for example,
pregelatinised or
esterified starches);
glues based on
starches, or on
dextrins or other
modified starches
6. Prepared glues and
other prepared
adhesives, not
elsewhere specified
or included; products
suitable for use as
glues or adhesives,
put up for retail sale
as glues or adhesives,
not exceeding a net
weight of 1 kg
7. Enzymes, prepared
enzymes [3507]



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