Foodies have Good News after GST

By GSTBazaar

22nd July 2017


GST introduction has made things more reliable and transparent. Prices of Restaurant have been slashed in Pune by 5-10 percent. After GST rollout had been slight hike in the rate. Meeting have been conducted with GST Commission with Pune based hoteliers and urged them to reduce their base prices as their input costs have reduced.

In Pune Both AC and Non AC have started charging more after July 1.Since, 12 and 18 percent are applicable to them. According to the hospitality industry there is no other option to offset their taxes based on inputs. Also, Agricultural inputs do not attract Goods and Services Tax so we thought that we could not avail the benefit of the tax offset.  GST have its impact on hospitality industry. Hoteliers were asked to pass on the benefits they would be getting in view of the reduction in the prices of inputs. Multiple Meeting have held to discuss offering of discount on the existing menu card. Also, Hotels have decided to offer between 5-10 per cent discount.

GST has created bit interference amongst the people and the officials and multiple discussions and have decided to provide the discount in anticipation of the reduction in input costs. New menu cards are ready with more than 70 percent with the reduced prices, while the rest are in the process of doing so.GST has created bit of unpleasantness with the customers. Base prices have been reduced according to the GST rates


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Foodies have Good News after GST